ISO 19650 training

Operam Academy

Operam Academy are planning to launch a new online learning solution to support adoption of ISO 19650 series. With the aim of helping organizations up-skill their workers. Helping them align to the latest international standards and best practice for the management of information.

The material within Operam Academy is aligned to ISO 19650. Therefore ensuring learners have the most up to date material on the latest international standards and best practice for the management of information.

Published in January 2019, ISO 19650 standard is an international standard for managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset using building information modelling (BIM).

Why are companies adopting information management standards when implementing BIM?

They are adopting the latest standards to simply to reduce the risk and achieve better business outcomes. However, to do this organizations must transform the way in which they produce, exchange and use digital information. Whilst aligning their business processes to the latest industry standards and best practice.

Knowing where to start isn’t easy. That’s where Operam Academy can help.

But whilst companies typically focus their time and money on the process and technology. It’s no secret, that to successfully transform, you must educate PEOPLE across the organization.

The 4 common PEOPLE challenges

1). Who needs what education?

2). When and how can we deliver the right education? But in the right way?

3). How do we educate and up-skill a large multi-national workforce?

4). How do we successfully educate different teams across an organization, to ensure achievement of shared understanding?

Introducing: Operam Academy

Operam Academy are releasing a brand new online learning solution to help educate your teams.  Helping to give your teams practical insight into the collaborative approach to the production and exchange of digital information.

Our eLearning channel contains self-guided formal learning. Covering on all aspects of industry standards and best practice for the management and production of information

Our eKnowledge channel contains self-guided informal learning. This allows learners to consume bite-size pieces of information relating to a wide range of topics.

eCommunity contains community driven content on a relevant topics, designed to support social learning.

“Operam have been instrumental in educating MetroLink’s staff on how best to implementation information management for this key transport and infrastructure project”
Brendon Kennedy, BIM Co-ordinator, MetroLink

Operam Academy: Unrivalled experience and knowledge

All the source material for Operam Academy is developed by Operam Founder, Paul Shillcock. And is developed by our internal term of instructional designers and developers.

Paul has played a prominent role in the development of UK and international standards for the management of information when using BIM. Also is the co-author of PAS 1192-2 (the framework document for BIM Level 2 in the UK) and author of the recently published international standard ISO 19650-2.

“We thought we knew BIM, but Operam Academy has given us a real understanding of how to manage information across the life of a project”
Chris Jones, Director of Learning and Development, BAM Construct

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