We are passionate about learning and upskilling the current and future generations of industry professionals. To that end, we have developed, and continue to develop, a range of educational modules, covering a wide variety of topics related to the management and collaborative production of information (aka BIM), based on industry standards and best practice.

Using these modules as a framework, we are able to develop and structure courses based around your individual learning outcomes and business objectives. Then, as part of our advisory services or as a separate appointment, we can schedule courses to be delivered at your offices or your chosen facility as either executive briefings or group learning courses.

Executive Briefings

Our executive briefings provide the right amount of knowledge to ensure leadership teams can make informed strategic decisions and develop a sustainable strategy for Information Management and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Delivered as an executive style presentation; our face to face briefings use plain language to provide a high-level understanding of BIM in a business context. Critically it also provides an appreciation its potential impact within the organisation. Often the output is a clarification of the company approach to BIM and ultimately, executive buy in.

Group Learning Courses

Our group learning courses provide the knowledge needed to enable industry professionals to undertake their current role in the future digital era.

Delivered with a strong emphasis on group discussion and exercises; our group learning courses provide the concepts and principles behind the information management process, plus the practical insight needed to undertake the activities and tasks defined within it.

Set in a familiar and collaborative environment, learners also get the benefit of sharing knowledge with their peers and other team members.

Continued Professional Development

As members of the CPD Certification Services, all of our educational modules are independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

On completion of our courses you will receive a CPD certificate which can be submitted by those required to forward documentary evidence of CPD activity to their professional association or institute.