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ISO 19650 Training:


ISO 19650 training by Operam Academy

Operam Academy have been quick to help organizations with ISO 19650 training. This is after these new series of international standards were published.

Back in December 2018, ISO published two international standards. The first to be published within the new ISO 19650 series.

These standards defines the business processes for the effective management of asset-related information. Both during the delivery and operational phase of built assets.

And based upon the current UK 1192 series.

The publication of the standards has created a level playing field for the providers of information to work collaboratively.

Therefore helping to find innovate solutions to ensuring the right people, get the right information, at the right time. Meaning they can set themselves apart from the competition. 

Operam’s founder and principal advisor, Paul Shillcock, has played a prominent role in the development of both the UK 1192 series and the ISO 19650 series.

As the co-author of PAS 1192-2 (the framework document for BIM Level 2 in the UK) and author of ISO 19650-2. Which looks at the management of information during the delivery phase of assets. 

How the industry will react to the new ISO 19650 series.

Paul believes the adoption of the ISO 19650 series will be widespread.

As asset owners and construction clients around the world seek to reduce risk, increase predictability and achieve better business outcomes.

Therefore there will be a need for both the providers and receivers of information to transform the way in which they produce, exchange and use digital information.

Whilst aligning their business process to the latest industry standards and best practice.

This impacts all functions and roles within any organization. Not just the technical ones.

And to achieve sustained success, organizations need to provide their workforce with the right level of education.

This gives them the knowledge they will need to adopt new ways of working and to build better teams.  

Operam Academy supports organizations with ISO 19650 training.

To support these organizations, Operam have launched Operam Academy.

To educate existing and future workforce’s on the latest international standards and best practice for the management of information.

Hosted within a next-generation learning management system.

And Operam Academy provides three learning channels to support formal, informal and social learning. Therefore we’ve designed each to meet individual learning needs and learning styles.

Operam worked in collaboration with Royal BAM Group.

To map the learning outcomes for all management functions and roles. Those involved in the procurement, delivery planning and information production stages of the asset lifecycle.

Following which, Paul used his experience of developing and delivering instructor-led courses. Those around national and international standards to prepare the source material to meet the learning outcomes.  

Paul also supplemented the material with practical insight and opinion. This is based on his experience of the industry best practice for each activity within the information management process.  

Paul’s source material has been converted into engaging and interactive learning content.

Produced by Operam’s internal team of instructional designers, multi-media designers and content developers.   Therefore providing organizations with an industry leading learning resource. 

Operam Academy launched on Friday 1st February 2019. 

Therefore, if you need ISO 19650 training and would to receive further details and access to Operam Academy.

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or call +44 (0) 1462 488 366. 

To read more on Operam Academy launch go here.