ISO 19650-4 and ISO 19650-6

ISO 19650-4 and ISO 19650-6: Future of ISO 19650

Will there be an ISO 19650-4 and ISO 19650-6?

With ISO 19650-1 and ISO 19650-2 now published. And ISO 19650-3 and ISO 19650-5 planned for 2020.

The focus now is on the management of information during the operational phase of assets. Which will be ISO 19650-3.  And the adoption of a security minded approach to the management of information relating to sensitive assets. Which will be ISO 19650-5

ISO 19650-3 uses PAS 1192-3 as a baseline. And ISO 19650-5 uses PAS 1192-5 as it’s baseline. The international working group are currently drafting ISO 19650-3 and ISO 19650-5. Which we hope will be published in early 2020.

At which point, PAS 1192-3 and PAS 1192-5 will be withdrawn. Why?  Simply because you cannot have two competing standards.

But what happens to BS 1192-4 and PAS 1192-6?

That’s a good question.  The original intention was to try and align the document numbers within the UK 1192 series with the ISO 19650 series.

That hasn’t really worked out.  You see, although parts 2, 3 and 5 align. ISO 19650 Part 1 doesn’t replace BS 1192.

This is because it combines the concepts and principles from the first three documents in the UK 1192 series. And there is a gap with part 4.

In the UK 1192 series, part 4 covers the structure of asset data that is delivered to the client.

This is based on an established structure known as COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange), developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

However, before COBie could be adopted in the UK, it had to undergo a process of ‘anglicisation’.

This included simple changes like switching from imperial to metric. Adding things like a ground floor which the US don’t have. And adding additional data fields for things like carbon.

Using BS 1192-4 as a basis for ISO 19650-4

The obvious solution would be to use BS 1192-4 as the basis for ISO 19650-4. But as it’s very specific to the UK, it’s unlikely that the working group would get a consensus at an international level.

The other problem with COBie is it’s a subset of an existing open data standard known as IFC (Industry Foundation Class), which is already an international standard.

Some may argue that as there’s already an international standard for structure of asset data, so there is no need for another.

Will there be ISO 19650-4 and ISO 19650-6?

I would like to see ISO 19650-4 look at the adoption of an asset centric approach to the management of information.  This is at the heart of COBie.

Looking at things like asset breakdown structures, asset data dictionaries and asset definition. In terms of minimum level of information needed for each asset.

For now, BS 1192-4 will remain.  And we’ll have to wait and see what the outcome may be.

In 2018, PAS 1192-6 which covers the sharing and use of structured health and safety information was published. It’s not yet clear if this will be added to the ISO 19650 series.

I believe it should be.

As it gives the opportunity to improve the availability of health and safety information to those who need it, when they need it.  It is essential to improving the personal safety of everyone.

Further reading:

PAS 1192-4 Collaborative production of information. Fulfilling employer’s information exchange requirements using COBie. Code of practice

PAS 1192-6  Specification for the collaborative sharing and use of structured Health and Safety information using BIM

For now, those PAS documents remain.  In time we might just see ISO 19650-4 and ISO 19650-6.

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