International standards relating to ISO 19650

International standards relating to ISO 19650

There are a lot of international standards relating to ISO 19650.

To start there is ISO 55000, ISO 44001 and ISO 9000.  That’s a lot of standards.

But the construction industry is finally becoming increasingly aware of the value and importance of accurate, complete and trusted information.   And these standards relating to ISO 19650 can help organizations to start to lower risk.

Almost every management function involved in the delivery and operation of assets secure access to the right information, at the right time.

As an information management standard, this is where the ISO 19650 series comes into play.

So, it was important for the ISO 19650 working group to be mindful of the needs of other management functions and their respective international standards.

A good example of  an international standards relating to ISO 19650.

ISO 55000 (formally PAS 55) contains the requirements and best practice for the effective management of built assets.

And to do that, there is a need for accurate, complete and trusted information about those assets.

But the ISO 55000 series stops short in explaining how organizations and asset managers get this information.

This is the reason why the ISO 19650 series is so important.

Think of ISO 55000 series that relates to the management of the physical asset. And the ISO 19650 series relates to the management of its digital twin, the virtual asset.

There are other management functions that rely on the timely delivery of the right information. Like design management, construction management and project management.

Take project management, which is all about making good decisions. The guidance for which is defined within ISO 21500.

To make an informed decision, there are typically many questions that need to be answered.

It is the ISO 19650 series that can enable the right information to be available at the right time to answer those questions.

Another international standards relating to ISO 19650 is ISO 44001

There are also other international standards that support the adoption of the ISO 19650 series which organizations should consider.

One is ISO 44001 (formally BS 11000). Which provides an eight-stage life cycle model to help teams maximize the value of collaborative working.

For me, the ISO 19650 series is ultimately about building better teams.

And here is where ISO 44001 can really help teams. By enabling them to identify, establish and maintain effective working relationships. These are built on trust and mutual benefit.

Likewise, there are not many organizations in the construction industry that don’t need to manage information effectively.

For some, managing information is a key part of how they do business.

ISO 9000 also supports ISO 19650

The ISO 9000 series defines the quality management principles that senior management can apply to promote organizational improvement.

So, if a business wants to improve the way in which it manages information. It should therefore align the business processes within the ISO 19650 series. Then this should be done in accordance with the principles of the ISO 9000 series.

As you can see, organizations should consider several other international standards when seeking to adopt the ISO 19650 series and manage information effectively.

International Standards relating to ISO 19650

You can read more on ISO 55000 at the Institute of Asset Management  and for ISO 44001 visit the Institute for Collaborative WorkingAnd learn more about ISO 19650.