Cultural Impact of Implementing BIM

Cultural Impact of Implementing BIM

Cultural Impact of Implementing BIM From a Soldiers POV

So where does the title: Cultural Impact of Implementing BIM From a Soldiers POV come from?

Well having served 24 years in the Royal Engineer as a civil engineer and finishing as a senior soldier, Andrew Johnson has decided to transition into the world of digital transformation aka BIM.

To further his knowledge, Andrew wrote his MSc dissertation on the cultural impact of BIM in the construction industry and would like to share his findings.

You can see Andrew at events across the UK between March and June 2019.

London – 21st March Digital Advancement Academy

Edinburgh – 28th March UK BIM Alliance Roadshow

Leicester – 25th April (BIM4HIGHWAYS) link to TBC

Leeds – 12th June (ThinkBIM) link to TBC

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Cultural Impact of Implementing BIM

In the past many have tried to implement BIM within the Royal Engineers and been unsuccessful.

So Andrew decided to research the subject from a senior soldiers point of view and focus on adoption barriers.

These adoption barriers for BIM are in two categories: management barriers and training barriers.

Among the training barriers, literature highlights that BIM was not often taught in universities, so young engineers and architects were not aware of the new technologies.

One of the key focuses of Andrew’s investigation was to establish if technology is the main driver.

And if so should the process of technological evolution be taught in the universities.

Therefore, it would mean students are aware of the techniques and understand their differences. Because sometimes there is confusion related to what is BIM exactly.

This was through technological evolutionary processes, as well as the characteristics of the methods.

Andrew’s session will also use the findings from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) interviews combined with analysis of various commercial ‘best practice’ experiences.

Therefore, he then suggests solutions to the challenges identified.

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