Andrew Johnson joins the Operam Team

Operam are happy to welcome Andrew Johnson to the team as an Advisor. We were intrigued to know a little bit more about Andrew and his background. We thought we would share this with you.

What was your role in the armed forces?

I have had various roles throughout my Army career. I always wanted to work in construction so I decided to train as a Plant Operator Mechanic (POM). The Army offered great flexibility and opportunities. I also trained as a Physical Training Instructor, Military Instructor, All Arms Weapon Instructor and Army Sniper. Thoroughly enjoying the various roles. When I reached the rank of Sergeant I decided to apply for the Military Plant Foreman (MPF) Civil Engineering course.  The course is 2 years long and very intensive for both myself and my family. Since completing the course I have served worldwide in Afghanistan, Oman and Gibraltar advising on civil engineering construction projects.

What has been the highlight of your career?

There have been many highlights throughout my Army career. The one that stands out the most is reaching the rank of Warrant Officer Class One and becoming the Sergeant Major Instructor (SMI) for the MPF course and trade. Becoming a senior soldier was always my ambition since attending the course, so achieving it before leaving the Army was fantastic. This also gave me the opportunity to study and complete an MSc in Engineering Industrial Management Part-Time with the University of Greenwich.

Why did you choose to work for Operam?

I had heard so many good things about Paul Shillcock, so after some research and realising he was an ex-Royal Engineer I decided to connect through LinkedIn. Luckily for me he replied and we met in London where he invited me to attend his instructor-led BIM Fundamentals course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and also his teaching style.  We kept in contact and for 6 months where I attended conferences and meetings with him. Paul eventually offered me the position of advisor with Operam where I started in May 2019.

What will your new role with Operam involve?

Paul is the Principal Advisor in Operam and I will assist him the development, documentation and delivery of advisory services within Operam’s digital transformation framework. I will develop and deliver instructor-led courses whilst also preparing source material for online eLearning resources. Whilst raising the profile of Operam and support its strategic needs, I will also respond to the consumer and provide updates on current industry topics.

What will you bring from your military career into your new role with Operam?

Having served 24 years in the Royal Engineers I think I will bring a lot to Operam. I have core values and standards which have assisted me in achieving total professionalism in everything I have done.  It has allowed me to be a leader but also be led when required. I really enjoy working with people either as an individual or as a team player. Problem-solving and decision making are my strengths. My recent roles have allowed me to teach at an academic level which has assisted me being a confident speaker where I am confident in speaking to different audiences. I am very curious so always want to learn new things.

Tell us one thing not many people know about Andrew Johnson?

In 2003 I was diagnosed with dyslexia. At first, I was devastated and lost all my confidence. I saw it as a huge barrier and questioned how was I going to progress through my Army career. With dedication and help from a basic skills tutor, family and friends my confidence grew and I learned to manage the problem. With new strategies in place, I decided to follow the academic route and gained an HND in civil engineering, BEng (Hons), and finally an MSc. My dyslexia will never go away, but I have learned how to manage it.