Our Business

Operam is an independent management consulting practice who specialise in the business processes associated to the management and collaborative production of information (aka BIM) during the delivery and operational phase of built assets.

We help organisations to develop the capability and capacity they need to achieve their business goals for collaboration, innovation and sustained success; via the provision of advisory services and educational products.

Our Story

Operam was founded in 2012 by Paul Shillcock in response to a growing need for practical advice and education on the development and implementation of information management processes within a business context.

The word Operam (latin for ‘working together’) reflects our primary focus, which is to enable individuals and teams to work together effectively and minimise wasteful activities, and this philosophy is embedded within our DNA and in everything we do.

Since the inception in 2012, it has been Paul’s vision and passion that has seen the team grow; allowing Operam to further his goal in developing value adding services and products.

Our Differentiation

We are at the forefront of industry

We invest a significant amount of time engaging with industry leaders, national governments and the academic community; which ensures our advisory services and educational content are aligned with the latest industry thinking and developments.

We help shape and develop the standards

We are actively involved in the writing, testing and implementation of many of the national and international standards that define best practice in the management of information when using BIM; which enables us to help advise our clients better on how to interpret and embed them within their organisation in a real-world context.

We don’t just talk the talk

We have deep industry knowledge and the broadest range of experience through our work with leading asset owners, construction clients and delivery teams; ensuring all our clients receive practical and meaningful insights from our educational products.

We don’t do technology

We specialise in the upstream management activities which provide the right commercial and collaborative environment to achieve real business outcomes, irrespective of what enabling technologies may be adopted.

Our Clients